25-1 UL/GB/SB Cookset - Limited Edition

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The limited edition Trangia 25-1 UL/GB/SB cookset is suitable for groups of about 2-4 people looking for a variety of fuels to use with their kit. The GB/SB (gas burner, spirit burner) kit comes with both Trangia's alcohol and gas burners - providing flexibility for fuel options and cooking times: while alcohol burners are famed for their reliability and silent operation, gas offers faster boil times for those looking for quick morning coffee, or fast, re-hydrated meals.

The 25 series cooksets are excellent family stoves with two saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 litres), a 22 cm frying pan, windshields (upper and lower), a pot grip and a strap. Trangia's Ultralight aluminium alloy is 50% stronger than ordinary aluminium, and is as light as titanium.