Aero 7 Skin ESKIN X-Stiff Classic Ski Set w/ Prolink Access Binding - 206cm


SKU: 252099

This ski is a great tool for developing your classic skiing skills with added confidence and maneuverability. Featuring an S-CUT shape for control and stability, this ski also eliminates the need for daily waxing thanks to its eSKINGRIP+ insert. Just grab your skis and go! Delivered premounted with Prolink Access Cl binding.

  • Lightness: Regular
  • Nordic practice: Endurance
  • Nordic terrain: In-track
  • On-snow attributes/Classic: Control & secure grip

Grip and silent

The eSKINGRIP+ technology provides great balance between grip and glide, and you can now manually replace your skin when it’s burned (anywhere between 500 and 800km).

Stability and control

The ski's S-Cut shape and medium length provide skiers with additional control and stability for maximum confidence on the snow.


The skis are predrilled and compatible with any Prolink and SNS binding or Prolink Shift Plate (PSP) and Rottefella Mounting Plate (RMP) if you want to have a movable binding.

  • Side cut: 48/46/44/46
  • Weight sample size: 1.74
  • Weight sample size: KG unit of measure
  • Proto size: 198
  • Franchise: AERO
  • Classic ski type: Classic skin
  • Pack Ski + Binding: Yes