CC 450 Poles


SKU: 273812

The CC 450 offers everything a recreational cross-country skier needs. The composite 450 carbon is strong and stiff and has a comfortable swing. The anatomically shaped strap and the two-component cork grip provide a powerful grip and give you control of the pole at all times. The Trigger Shark 2.0 system offers easy handling and allows quick clicking in and out.

Colours neonyellow-black-white
Length 130 – 170 cm (5 cm steps)
Sample weight 208 g
Construction Fixed length
Number of segments 1
Segments diameter 16 mm
Grip – strap/glove system Shark System
Grip Shark 2.0
Strap Shark Power Trigger Strap
Shaft quality Carbon (CC 450)
Tip Steel Tip
Basket Super Race Vario