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Fixie Ski Poles


SKU: 254589


 This stout aluminum one-piece ski pole is equally at home in bounds as it is in the backcountry. Its simple build includes a feature set trimmed down to the necessities of uphill travel and downhill performance.

The rubberized, extended grip is lightweight and provides unlimited options for grip location along the top of the pole. It acts as an added layer of insulation against cold poles with your bare hands. The side hill bump increases stability for those technical sections of a traverse. The handle features G3's Quickflick Utility Tab to flick heel lifts or buckles.

Includes comfortable and lightweight wrist straps that are easily adjustable. The clip makes it super easy to remove your straps for backcountry skiing or tree skiing. The redesigned all-mountain basket is the perfect size (85mm) and shape to tackle any snow condition and is especially suited for steep and technical terrain.

This pole can be used all season round as a sturdy trekking pole in the warmer months.

Recommended Skier Height:

Pole Length User's Height (in.) User's Height (cm)
115 cm 5'4" - 5'6" 162 - 168 cm
120 cm 5'7" - 5'9" 170 - 175 cm
125 cm 5'10" - 6'0" 178 - 183 cm
130 cm 6'1" - 6'3" 185 - 191 cm
 135 cm 6'4" - 6'6" 193 - 198 cm


  • Ergonomic dual density plastic grip shaped for comfort & precision.
  • QuickFlick Utility Tab to flick your binding risers or buckles with ease. Also aids in precise pole plants
  • Hard plastic eyelet yields one of 2 attachment points for drying gloves or attaching tent lines.
  • Soft & light removable strap
  • All-Mountain Basket - 85 mm size is perfect size and shape to tackle all conditions. Has correct stiffness to manipulate bindings
  • 18mm aluminum shaft
  • Compatible with all G3 Baskets, except PIVOT Magnetic Basket

Tech Specs

Lengths: 115cm 120cm 125cm 130cm 135cm
Weight (kg): 255g 267g 272g 275g 281g (per pole)
Weight (lb): 9oz 9.4oz 9.6oz 9.7oz 9.9oz (per pole)
Material: Aluminum