SKU: 65123

Liquid glide wax that gives you good glide quick and easy.

SWIX Blue Glide is a liquid glider with wide range on the cold side. -4°C to -15°C (25°F to 5°F). For all snow conditions. A good and easy option for the skier who cares for good glide and smooth turning skis and boards with the least possible preparation time. Easy application and dries quickly! 80 ml/2.7 fl.oz.

SWIX Violet Glide is a liquid glide wax with a wide range of applications on all types of snow around zero degrees, + 1 ° C to -6 ° C. A good and easy alternative for skiers and skiers who want fast, easy-to-ride skis with as little preparation as possible. Easy application and fast drying time! 80 ml.

SWIX Red Glide is a floating glide wall with a wide range of applications for all types of snow, from the freezing point and upwards, 0 ° C to + 10 ° C. A smart and easy alternative for skiers who want fast and easy skis with the least possible preparation. Easy application and short drying time! 80 ml.