Ortho+ Knee Brace - Past Season


  • CEP KNEE SLEEVE FOR PERFORMANCE: Our compression knee sleeve is built for performance. Targeted compression reduces swelling, and supports the knee, relieving tendonitis and joint pain. Perfect for running, jogging, basketball, and lifting.
  • SUPPORT KNEE SLEEVE: Stabilizes the knee joint, eliminating pain during demanding activities. CEP’s compressive fibers promote microcirculation, lessening inflammation, joint pain, tendonitis, and aids faster recovery from knee injury.
  • Optimized compression profile improves blood circulation in the knee, while conforming to athletic movements. Minimizes lactic acid build up, and increases muscular endurance. Designed for the performance athlete.
  • COMFORT & QUALITY: High-tech compressive fibers provide a flexible, dry, breathable fit. Comfortable and lightweight, this knee brace is perfect for wearing everyday. Built for the best comfort and support. Relieve pain with the perfect knee brace.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART synthetic fiber material, more advanced than the commonly used neoprene in other braces, works to resist moisture build-up and the bacteria that causes odor. This innovative design is effective for well over 150 wears and washes.