Performance 7 x 21 (Kids)


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A mechanism prevents harness from pivoting, uniting the harness and snowshoe. It keeps the shoe from digging into the snow, making it easier and more fun for kids to learn the sport. Snowshoe geometry provides great flotation.


  •  Lightweight Aluminum
  • Entech™
    • All GV decking can resist extreme temperatures down to -50˚C. Entech™ decking is lighter in weight and provides better resistance against abrasion.
  • Luxor Buckle
    • Simple and easy to adjust ratchet buckle release mechanism
  • Ergonomic Binding
    • Large textured footrest for a firm footing
    • Flexible for a good adjustment
  • Hi Flex
    • Ultra-light pivot band
    • Allows the snowshoe to follow the movement of the foot


Dimensions in Snowshoe weight lb User weight – Off trail lb
7 x 21  2.31 0-90