Flex TRK Snowshoes 2023 (Men's)


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An excellent all-around Day Hiking category snowshoe for anyone from the beginner to the intermediate snowshoer. The composite deck of the Flex TRK comes in a 22” and 24” length and features our Flex Tail™ technology to absorb shock and promote a natural heel to toe roll when walking. The Tubbs toe crampon and traction rails provide ample grip on uphill, downhill and sidehill terrain while the ActiveLift™ 16° heel lift reduces calf fatigue on steeper ascents. The new Quick-Fit binding provides a quick and secure fit with easy-pull straps and roller buckle heel strap. If you’re in the market for an entry to mid-level snowshoe to get outside on this winter, then check out the Flex TRK!

Torsion Deck™ / Flex Tail™:

Tubbs’ advanced Torsion Deck™ allows torsional articulation throughout the body of the snowshoe, enhancing traction, preserving your natural gait, and improving comfort on uneven terrain.
The patented FLEX Tail™ technology allows the snowshoe to roll more naturally from heel to toe. The FLEX Tail™ absorbs shock from the heel strike, reducing the amount of stress on joints.

Quick-Fit Binding:

Quick-Fit Binding features a perfect blend of comfort and control with easy and intuitive entry-exit.

Rotating Toe Cord w/ Rotation Limiter Articulation System:

The Rotating Toe Cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop, shedding snow and reducing cardio-respiratory strain by 7%, while a Rotation Limiter prevents over-rotation.

Tubbs Toe Crampon:

Tubbs Toe crampon, located under the ball of the foot, provides constant contact in variable snow conditions, while its jagged tooth construction improves grip on packed snow and ice.

Traction Rails:

Traction Rails ensure superior sidehill grip in hard-packed and icy conditions. The curved shape helps prevent fore-aft slippage on steeper terrain.

ActiveLift™ 16° Heel Lift:

Designed to make steep ascents easier, the ActiveLift™ heel lift reduces calf fatigue and Achilles tendon strain. It can be easily pulled up and down. The 19° Backcountry heel lift is ideal for extreme ascents, while the 16° Day Hiking version is designed for moderate terrain.


8 - 13 8 - 13
40 - 47 40 - 47
24" 28"


80 - 160 lbs 120 - 200 lbs > 190 lbs *User weight is body weight plus load
36 - 73 kgs 55 - 91 kgs 86 kgs  
22" 24" 28"