Workshop Wax Machine


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The Swix T60 waxing roller machine speeds up the waxing process when using melt gliders or klisters. With a digital temperature control to keep wax liquified in the reservoir, the machine's roller is used to apply a precise layer of wax to skis in seconds. The machine rolls wax neatly and efficiently in a single, fast swipe. The machine is much easier to use than a waxing iron - less drips onto the floor. Works on skis up to 136mm in width.

  1. 110-volt version with North American plugs
  2. Precise - and digital temperature control
  3. For skis up to 136 mm width
  4. For cross country and alpine skis
  5. The wax tray is exchangeable and comes with a lid, which allows for dedicated trays for specific waxes, and therefore no need for cleaning in between use.
  6. Extra trays are sold separately