Unleashing the Power of Integration: Garmin and Giant

Garmin, a globally acclaimed brand for its innovative GPS navigation and wearable technology, has joined forces with Giant, one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers. This partnership is set to redefine the user experience by offering integrated functionality and enhanced control over Giant eBikes through a host of Garmin devices.

When your Giant eBike is Garmin Ready™, it signifies a symbiotic relationship between the two. Your Garmin device isn't just a standalone accessory anymore; it's an extension of your eBike, granting you access to a multitude of features and real-time data. This is the age of smart cycling, and it's here to revolutionize your riding experience.

The Perfect Pair: Garmin and Giant

This integration is not just about features, it's about seamless synergy between two powerhouses in their respective fields. Giant's engineering brilliance and commitment to innovation find a perfect match in Garmin's mastery of wearable tech. By choosing a Garmin Ready™ Giant eBike, you're not just buying a bike; you're investing in a synergy that provides unmatched convenience, control, and an enriched cycling experience.

Garmin and Giant, together, are empowering cyclists, making rides more enjoyable, and essentially reshaping what's possible in the world of cycling.

The Garmin Lineup

A broad array of Garmin devices, including watches and cycling computers, are compatible with Giant's Garmin Ready™ ebikes. Whether it's the powerful D2™ Mach 1 Watch, the precise Edge® 1040 Solar Cycling Computer, or the rugged tactix® 7 Pro Ballistics Edition Watch, you can choose the Garmin device that best fits your lifestyle and cycling needs.

From urban cycling enthusiasts to professional racers and outdoor adventurers, this extensive compatibility ensures there's a perfect Garmin device for every Giant eBike owner.

  • D2™ Mach 1 Watch
  • Edge® 530 Cycling Computer
  • Edge® 540 | Edge® 540 Solar Cycling Computers
  • Edge® 830 Cycling Computer
  • Edge® 840 | Edge® 840 Solar Cycling Computers
  • Edge® 1030 | Edge® 1030 Plus Cycling Computers
  • Edge® 1040 Solar | Edge® 1040 Solar Cycling Computers
  • Edge® Explore | Edge® Explore 2 Cycling Computers
  • Enduro™ | Enduro™ 2 Watches
  • epix™ (Gen 2) | epix™ (Gen 2) Sapphire | epix™ (Gen 2) Porsche Edition Watches
  • fēnix® 6 Standard Edition watch and all other models in the fēnix 6 series
  • fēnix® 7 Standard Edition watch and all other models in the fēnix 7 series
  • Forerunner® 255 | Forerunner® 255S | Forerunner® 255 Music | Forerunner® 255S Music | Forerunner® 265 | Forerunner® 265S Watches
  • Forerunner® 955 | Forerunner® 955 Solar | Forerunner® 965 Watches
  • Instinct® 2 - Standard Edition watch and all other models in the Instinct 2 Solar series
  • Instinct® 2 Solar watch and all other models in the Instinct 2 Solar series
  • MARQ® (Gen 2) Collection
  • tactix® Delta - Sapphire Edition | tactix® Delta - Solar Edition | tactix® Delta Solar Edition with Ballistics Watches
  • tactix® 7 Standard Edition | tactix® 7 Pro Edition | tactix® 7 Pro Ballistics Edition Watches
June 27, 2023 — Outfitters Team