Integrity Pricing Policy

Best Price Guarantee: 

We put our best foot forward with each and every customer and want them to know that they will have the same price with us, or the best price with us, as anywhere in the country. We respect and appreciate all of our customers and want their confidence that they are all getting the best price possible.

Our industry has regulated prices across the country and we are not able to offer extra discounts, unless otherwise directed, as in the instance of promotional periods or end of season dates.

In the changing of seasons, some items will not carry over into to future catalogues; these are the items that we have marked down and often referred to as "passed season". It could only be a certain colour, or, it could be a whole model line. We try to stay on top of this, as it is our goal that our customers won’t even need to ask us about ‘price matching’ or ‘price protection’

Price Matching: “We are happy to price match, as it is not very often that we need to do so and we have a Best Price Guarantee.”


1) Canadian business; that is an authorized retailer for the brand. (Website or store).

2) The exact size, colour, and model is available for purchase with the competitor as is what is instock with our store.

3) Shipping charges are factored into the price.

* some other exceptions may apply

Price Protection: Customers who have purchased an item that is later put on a promotional sale (with us or elsewhere in the Canadian marketplace), are eligible to receive a store credit for the difference in price.

Requirements: Must be within our 14 Day return/exchange period AND satisfy our price matching policy.

Exceptions: Items which we have marked on clearance (orange sticker) are based on our current inventory on hand, thus items previously sold have affected the choice of clearance pricing or selection.