Why follow tracks when you can make your own? Experience the “foot out, flat out” fun of fat bike riding in any season. Whether you’re tackling fresh snow pack or drifty sand dunes for days, the new Yukon will keep you rallying your favourite terrain in a whole new way.

Real Features, Real Benefits, Real Fun. That's Yukon.

Invest in Quality; Accept Nothing Less.


Embark on exhilarating winter trail adventures with the Yukon.

With cutting-edge geometry and feature-packed design, this best-in-class fat bike delivers maximum control and effortless floatation on any surface. Adaptable and agile, the Yukon features wide axle spacing and an adjustable rear dropout. Its stable geometry, thoughtful frame features, specific winter spec and ample tire clearances guarantee that no day is off-limits for riding, no matter the season. Unleash the Yukon and redefine your winter biking experience.

What Makes A Yukon A Yukon?

Thoughtful Design and Features.


27.5 Fat Bike Wheel Design

Fits up to 4.5” rear tire for maximum floatation. Featuring 150F/197R thru axle spacing and Giant’s versatile 80mm tubeless rims.

Advanced-grade Composite Fork

Lightweight, responsive handling with a 60mm off-set fork rake for modern trail riding. Hidden M5 mounts for versatile accessory options.

Lower Center of Gravity

Sloping "low slung" front triangle design provides a low center of gravity for technical maneuvering in deep conditions.

Maximum Heel Clearance

With a heavily swaged rear triangle—including seatstays and chainstays—this versatile design allows riding in even the warmest of riding boots.

Internal Cable Routing

Seamless cable routing, including a dropper seatpost, keeps things sleek. The sealed internal headset bearings ensure a smooth and tidy setup.

Narrow Q-Factor Crankset

To ensure a more natural feeling cycling experience we specified narrow (207.5~208mm) Q-Factor cranksets on all models.

Adjustable Horizontal Drop Out System

A +/- 15mm rear center length adjustment allows for wheelbase and tire size customization—from maximum floatation to a fun, playful ride.

Thoughtful Parts Spec

When temperatures drop only DOT brake fluid will do, so we've specifically optimized our component choice for cold weather riding.

Embark on a journey of exploration with our Yukon lineup

Winter riding benefits

Embracing winter on a fat bike can be an exhilarating and transformative experience. Here are some inspiring reasons to hop on a fat bike and explore the snowy wonderland:

1. Connect with Nature: Discover the magic of winter in a whole new way. The crisp air, the pristine snow-covered landscapes, the crunch of snow under your tires, and the peaceful stillness of winter create a unique and enchanting setting for your biking adventure.

2. Fitness and Fun Combined: Riding a fat bike in the snow is an excellent full-body workout. The resistance from the snow and the need to navigate uneven terrain engage various muscle groups, providing both cardiovascular benefits and strength training.

3. Escape the Winter Blues: Instead of hibernating indoors during the winter months, riding a fat bike allows you to embrace the season and combat the winter blues. The endorphin rush from exercise combined with the beauty of the winter landscape can significantly improve your mood.

4. Socialize in the Snow: Winter biking is a growing community, and joining others for group rides can be a fantastic way to socialize and make new friends. Share the joy of snowy trails and create lasting memories with fellow winter enthusiasts.

5. Unique Photography Opportunities: Winter landscapes offer a unique canvas for photography. Capture the beauty of snow-covered trails, frosty trees, and perhaps even witness the magic of a winter sunrise or sunset during your rides.

6. Stress Relief: Biking, in general, is known for its stress-relieving benefits. The combination of physical activity and the calming effect of nature in the winter can provide a powerful antidote to the stresses of daily life.

So, bundle up, embrace the cold and let the snowy trails become your winter playground on a Giant Yukon fat bike!