You invest in your gear - so it’s important to keep it protected!

Outdoor apparel and footwear use a durable water-repellent finish (DWR) to keep you dry. This finish gradually diminishes over time and must be restored to keep your technical pieces performing at their best.

There is a Grangers product to support you on every adventure. Be it a local
dog walk, a long run on a summer’s day or climbing the highest mountain in the pouring rain – the brand has you covered.

Product User Guides

Grangers products are defined and colour-coded into 3 categories

General dirt and sweat sit on the surface of fabric as residue and affect the extent of the textile fibre bond. Washing items with Grangers wash removes residues and enables the bond between the treatment and the fabric fibres to occur.

If your apparel, footwear or gear is wetting out, then it's not performing at its best. Grangers products offer a range of water repellent solutions formulated to reproof and fully protect against the elements!

The best way for your gear to continue performing like new is to keep it clean and water repellent, but the time for separate wash cycles may be hard to find. That's where Grangers convenient 2-in-1 products come in to streamline your care routine.

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