Angel S3 Ski Pole (Women's)


SKU: 266915

Angel S3 is a reliable, lightweight aluminum pole with a women's specific grip and Salomon's S3 grip for added safety.


S3 Strap system ensures great fit and added safety.

Ergonomic feel

Bi-material grip, designed for women, provides comfort and hand support.


High quality aluminum shaft is strong and light

SHAFT: Alu **

The Alloy 6061 series provides strength and lightness.

GRIP: S3 dual material women grip

A combination of soft and hard plastic for durability and comfort, with integrated S3 safety technology. Tailored to woman's hands.

STRAP: S3 strap

Salomon's safety, auto release strap for sketchy situations.


Shaft diameter: 16mm

TIP: Standard tip

Classic tip.

BASKET: Interchangeable basket system

Plastic ring that allows you to screw-on different baskets when needed.

BASKET: All mountain women basket

A versatile basket for women who like to ski the whole mountain.


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