10AR - Cherry Red


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This lightweight 10 footer brings a whole new level of performance to the world of recreational kayaks. With its ‘Fusion Hull’ design, the Delta 10 clips along with remarkable speed and agility while maintaining a high degree of stability without the excessive beam of most recreational kayaks. It excels as a platform for fishing and photography and its compact size and light weight makes it an ideal choice to store on the deck of larger pleasure craft. It features an under-deck storage pod, a large rear storage hatch with sealed bulkhead, adjustable foot braces, soft grip handles and a multi-position Contour II Seat System offering plenty of comfort and adjustability for all the family to enjoy.

Highlight Feature

Our Fusion Hull offers efficient glide with advanced stability and tracking. The pronounced V-shaped bow quietly cuts through the water and allows for more precise maneuvering. The Hybrid Catamaran hull at the stern provides the ultimate in stability while keeping the craft less beamy and more fluid through the water. A moderate rocker and long waterline offer paddlers better tracking and less fishtailing with every paddle stroke.


3.05m / 10'
68.5cm / 27"
35.56cm / 14"
16.7kg / 37 lbs
Cockpit Opening:
47cm x 91.5cm
18.5" x 36"
Cockpit Volume:
220 L / 58 gal
Day Pod:
12.5 L / 3.5 gal
Bow Dry Storage:
Stern Dry Storage:
124 L / 33 gal
Max Capacity:
127 kg / 280 lbs