Abacus SL PFD


SKU: 167937

The thrill and satisfaction of harnessing the wind and directing your dinghy to move and perform is an experience only sailors know. Designed for sailors by sailors, the Salus Abacus provides you with the freedom to get the most out of your adventures. The tapered front, 8-points of adjustment, ergonomic pocket, and rounded edges combine to enhance your fit, comfort and performance while on the water—or in it!

  • Covered adjustment buckle to avoid tangle in rigging
  • Fully adjustable neoprene shoulder and waistband for ultimate comfort and perfect fit. The extra adjustment accommodates layered underclothing to extend your sailing season in comfort
  • Dry-Lex Aerospacer®–the most advanced lining for comfort, temperature control and moisture absorption
  • Ergonomically positioned pocket zipper for fast and easy access
  • Side entry zipper suitable for easy donning and quick access to splash top
  • Tailored and secure fit with the 8 point adjustment system. Boom clearance provided by low cut and taper at shoulders
  • Tapered foam on the front panel lets you climb quickly back on board from the water, unlike traditional vests, which hold you back. Easy slide nylon webbing construction
  • Split back design provides concentrated tightening from the waist harness while allowing a loose fit on the back for comfort
  • Large pocket centralized on chest that–even full–is positioned to allow unrestricted arm movement. Mesh design for quick drainage
  • High cut front for ease of bending and to accommodate new style trapeze harness

Available in S-M, M-L, L-XL