Unbreakable Boot Laces


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The toughest laces out there.


How? A polymer from a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

They’re lighter than cotton or polyester, and 15x stronger than steel, way stronger than Kevlar.


What are they made out of? 

The same material as the US army's new bulletproof helmets.


They're coated in a dry-touch wax to stay tied all day, no matter what.

They're waterproof so they can't freeze, you can get them untied at -40.

Plus they won't rot if you put your boots away soaking wet.

Some people say these are overkill, we think the other guys aren't trying hard enough.


Stronger than steel + Kevlar 
These are made of 12-strand, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It's 15x Stronger-than steel, way stronger than Kevlar.

Lighter than cotton 
They're as light as a feather, you won't know they're there.

Guaranteed for life 
If you're not completely satisfied with every aspect of these laces for as long as you own them, send an email to info@adventureandy.com.

We'll refund or exchange your order, your choice. No questions asked.

+1,000lb breaking strength 
These laces are overkill. They won't break even against +1,000lbs (454kg)

Corrosion resistant 
They resist corrosion from things like solvents, oils, acids, and alkalis that show up during the work day.

Waterproof, won't freeze or rot 
Perfect for remote work or trekking in cold conditions. You'll be able to untie these no matter what.

Plus, put them away wet and they stay mold free. They don't rot and weaken over time.

Size guide - Make sure they fit 
130cm laces are for low cut shoes and boots with 5-6 pairs of eyelets

160cm laces are for boots with 7-8 pairs of eyelets.

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