Alizé 5.0


SKU: 277094

Just like the warm, steady winds that blow in the tropics, the Alizé Wing is light and stable. Guaranteed take-off!

Easy to control, its compact design allows you to enjoy your ride without touching the water. Its rigidity makes sailing simple and reduces the risk of flapping. The ergonomic center batten allows you to adjust power quickly and easily during your ride.

Two wide-tube mini-booms extra larges enable you to position your hands precisely and make the Alizé very simple to use and control.

The Alizé’s amazing stability makes it well-adapted to all skill levels: beginners, schools, and more advanced riders in progression.

Recommended wind range: for beginners between 14 and 25knt, for intermediate/advanced riders between 11 and 25knt. Available in 4 sizes from 3m2 to 6m2.

Ideal for

Riders in progression
Intermediate riders


Light handling, easy to control, compact, equipped with two mini-booms, the Alizé is your best partner to progress in Wing!

Key Features & Benefits

Compact and « rigid » wing
Stable flight and easy relaunch

Dacron technology
Light weight and extended product life

Ergonomic inflatable central batten with slight up-lift
Easy relaunch. Very efficient when « pumping » for power

2 wide-tube mini-booms with EVA foam grips
Easy to control, excellent comfort and grip when fully powered-up

2 Rush-Air inflation/deflation valves

Technical Specs

Windows No
Front Handle
Bladder Handle 2
Sail Material 3DF
Bladder Material TPU
Length Central Bladder 216 cm
Wing Span 351 cm
Weight 6.1 lbs / 2.77 kg
Inflatable Max Pressure MAX < 8 PSI
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka


Included with the wing:

  • 1x 5.0'' Alizé wing
  • 1x Transport bag
  • 1x Wrist leash
  • 1x Pump
  • 1x Repair kit