Alpha Pot


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Designed to add functional performance to your backcountry camp kitchen, the Alpha Series of Cook Pots is a strong, lightweight and durable solution for solo to group use. Using a hard-anodized alloy the Alpha Pots provide a durable, abrasion resistant and easy to clean cooking surface. With clever features like the Pivot-Lock handle that locks securely into place during use and locks away for transportation, the silicone Lid Keep to rest the lid on the side of your pot during cooking, and the unique slotted strainer pattern in the lid, you'll be creating fresh, gourmet fare with ease for all your backcountry meals.

The Alpha Pots nest neatly with the Delta Light dinnerware pieces to create a selection of comprehensive camp kitchen sets you'll never leave behind.


Weight Comparison

6.6oz / 187g: ≈ Similar to the weight of a hamster. RIP Kevin.


High-quality aluminum for the pot and stainless steel for the handle will provide years of service. As with all non-stick surfaces, care should be taken to prevent unnecessary contact with sharp or abrasive objects.

    Camping, Backpacking, Overland, Bike Touring
    Aluminum Alloy
    Pivot Lock Handle
  1.2 LITER 1.9 LITER 2.7 LITER 3.7 LITER
PACKED SIZE 144 x 96 mm 165 x 120 mm 182 x 120 mm 203 x 135 mm
VOLUME 40.6 oz 64.2 oz 91.3 oz 125.1 oz
WEIGHT 187g 230g 282g 337g