Aquilon Foil Complete 2000


SKU: 279796

Aquilon foils give you the perfect combo for learning to fly! One foil, two sizes, designed specifically to help develop your style and progress fast. Aquilon 2000 foil is made for riders who want good stability and easy take-off in lighter winds.

Aquilon foils have aluminum mast and fuselage for simplicity and durability, with carbon fiber front wing and stabilizer for optimum performance. Thanks to its easy take-off and stable ride, you will learn fast and be able to perfect your style. You’ll be ready for more after every session!

All TAHE foils are 100% compatible with foils made by our sister brand, SIC Maui. This enables you to learn easily, then develop your skill level at your own speed, interchanging foil components as you progress.

Ideal for
People looking for a forgiving, high-performance foil

Complete package foil with aluminium fuselage and carbon front wing and stabiliser. Easy take-off and great stability at high speed.

Key Features & Benefits

Low Aspect Ratio Front wing
Guaranteed take-off even in light wind and fast progression

Choose the foil size according to the rider's weight
Aquilon 2000: <80-100 kg + (176 to 220lbs)

Front wing and stab with winglets
Excellent control at speed

Mast, fuselage, connector and fixing plate

Front wing and stabiliser
Carbon fibre

Tef Gel included
For extended product life

Storage bag
For the complete foil

For wing and mast

Technical Specs

Code 108299
Country of Manufacture Poland
Material Carbon/Alu
Mast Length 29.53" / 75 cm
Mast Material Aluminium
Fuselage Length 34.25" / 87 cm
Fuselage Material Aluminium
Front Wing Surface 310 in² / 2000 cm²
Front Wing Material Carbon
Stabilizer Material Carbon
Stabilizer Surface 69.75 in² / 450 cm²
Foil Box Plate

Package Includes

  • 1x Complete foil (mast, fuselage, front wing, stab)
  • 1x Storage bag for the complete foil
  • Protections for wing and mast
  • Mounting screws
  • Screws for fixing foil to the board
  • 1x Rubber protection sheet (spacer)
  • 1x Key + Tefgel