BandOff® The Bandage Remover


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Removing adhesive bandages has never been easier with BandOff! The unique bandage removal spray works fast to gently release adhesives from your skin, letting you easily pull off bandages, medical tape, and athletic tape without the “Ouch!” and sticky residue. It’s the best way to remove a bandage!

Say goodbye to the pulled hairs, bruising, sticky residue, and “Ouch!” of bandage removal! BandOff® is an innovative bandage remover that answers the question of how to remove bandages without just ripping them off. This bandage removal spray is a safe adhesive remover for skin and works in seconds to release even the toughest adhesive bandages, medical tape, and athletic tape. Simply spray BandOff on, let it soak in, and easily lift off the bandage. Whether you’re pulling a bandage off yourself or your child, you can count on BandOff’s gentle formula to make the bandage come off without raising a fuss. A must-have addition to your first aid cabinet, purse, and first aid kit, BandOff is the best way to remove a bandage!


  • Size: 6.35 cm x 2.54 cm x 11.43 cm
  • Weight: 37 mL
  • Item #: 0007-2000
  • Item Name: BandOff® The Bandage Remover