Bear Grylls Survival Blanket by Gerber Gear


SKU: 190477
A polyurethane blanket that can comfortably protect up to 2 people in a situation where heat loss and thermoregulation is a serious priority. The material design allows heat to be reflected back towards you (or away if needed, such as desert survival scenarios), as opposed to allowing heat to be absorbed or pass through like a regular blanket would do.

The Survival blanket, sometimes referred to as an emergency blanket or heat shield, has many uses. In addition to being used as a blanket, it can be used as a wind shield within shelters, or a shelter liner to keep heat trapped within the shelter, especially useful when a fire is lit nearby.

It can also double as a ground tarp, water container (which is essential!), and even as a signaling device due to the bright orange color and reflective silver.

Bear Grylls Blanket Details:

  • Low density polyurethane
  • 2 person capacity
  • Reusable package (Doubles as water container if needed)
  • Measures 94.5" x 60"
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Bear Gryll's Priorities of Survival is printed on the blanket
  • Bright orange with reflective silver
  • Durable tear resistant material
  • Thickness: 12 microns
  • Bear Gryll's Gerber Survival Gear

This type of thermal or 'space' blanket is similar to the popular aluminized mylar. A tool like this helps provide the ultimate survival opportunity. As an all-weather blanket, we would highly recommend this item for camping and backpacking needs, as you never know when the weather can turn ugly. This will help ensure you are properly prepared even in a worst case scenario. As small and simple as this product is, you would be very surprised by the effectiveness of trapping and maintaining heat,

The foil-like, reflective blanket can also reduce water loss by limiting evaporation and convection. It also makes great insulation when added to a sleeping bag or bivouac (bivy/bivvy) sack.