Billy Pot Case, 1 Qrt (12Cm)


SKU: 223776

This case comes with 2 pieces, the inside small bag and the outer bag. The small inner bag is thick enough to stand on its own and keep your items out of the dirt and condense/organize your gear in your pack. It has a flap to cover your items and then a drawstring to close down over the flap. The inner bag sits on top of the pot lid when packed with the handle to the pot standing up. The outer bag is used with the handle of the pot up and goes over the pot and inner bag, then a drawstring closes the bag. There is no flap on this part of the case as the handle to the pot is intended to be used to carry the entire set up.

Weight: 3.2 oz.

Outer Bag Dimensions: 9 ¾” H x  8 ¼” W

Inner Bag Dimensions: 2 ¾” H x 7 ¾” W

Made of heavy duty 500 denier material.

Comes with 2 pieces, a small inner bag and outer bag.

Allows unique storage of pot with handle standing up.

Inner bag keeps items organized and out of dirt.