Boss Line Kit


SKU: 244211

Inspired by the evolution of tricklining, the BOSS LINE is designed to replicate a pro competition slackline and support advanced tricks. Featuring trampoline-style webbing with rubber grip and the Alpha Ratchet system with extended handle, slow release, independent anchoring and safety backup line line, this kit delivers ultimate power for high-level training. For the advanced slackliner.

  • Dual Alpha Ratchets are independent of the anchoring system maximizing the tension and power of the line
  • Two round slings and stainless steel shackles safely anchor the line and connect to the tension system
  • The kit includes two high-quality, long-lever ratchets that feature a safety lock, handle grips and attachment webbing with a loop to firmly anchor each ratchet to its shackle and achieve maximum tension
  • Custom-designed trampoline-style webbing is made for slacklining and provides extra bounce for dynamic tricks
  • Two round slings, 6ft and 9ft with a 7:1 safety factor, are included to created a perfect anchor for high-tension tricklining
  • Two easy-to-use backup lines are included as an added safety measure. This is an important precaution for tricklining which amplifies force on the line
  • Two stainless steel shackles are used as a connection point between your round slings and ratchets
  • One extended handle for added leverage to get the line tight
  • One slow release to slowly and safely release tension from the slackline when taking the slackline down
  • Use of tree protection is HIGHLY encouraged on all of our products. It will not only protect what you use as anchors i.e. trees and posts, but it will also prolong the life of your gear. It is also the right thing to do.