Canyons, Coves & Coastal Waters


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For both the Novice and the expert canoeist or kayacker this book is a must as it highlights the paddlers way through placid inland lakes, over 15,000 kilometers of the coastline and some of the most spectacular whitewater in the world. The inland and coastal waterways of Newfoundland and Labrador are the corridors to some of the most inaccessible, rugged and pristine wilderness areas in North America. The many details of Newfoundland and Labrador's wilderness Disneyland become accessible to the paddlers with the use of this guide.  

About the Author

Kevin Redmond has spent the past thirty years exploring Newfoundland and Labrador’s land, sea and related cultural legacies. As a freelance writer Kevin is published extensively in the area of outdoor adventure in local, national and international publications. As an award winning photographer, his images have appeared throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. In addition to print and still photography, he has worked in video production and currently works with a variety of leading adventure gear manufacturers in Canada and United States. Kevin resides in Portugal Cove, NL with his wife Sophia and his three children Thomas, Susan and Jacquelyn. He spends his free time skiing, hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping and sea kayaking.