OSX Handlebar


SKU: 295500

Chromag has a strong history of manufacturing handlebars. The OSX is one of those best-selling products and put them on the map as a bike components company.

The OSX has a reputation for its perfect combination of bend and upsweep. This geometry combined with an array of colour choices has made the OSX a popular choice for pretty much any discipline of mountain biking.

The OSX 2020 is the next step in their progression. By refining the shape, and utilizing variable butting, high-grade alloys and advanced heat treatment techniques, they have increased the fatigue life by over 50%. So much so, that Chromag has seen fatigue test results reach over 1 million cycles.


Material // Custom drawn 7000 series alloy
Width // 800mm (31.5”)
Clamp Size // 31.8mm
Rise // 25mm (1”)
Bend // 8°
Upsweep // 5°
Weight // 325g


7050 Series Aluminum

We use aerospace grade aluminum to achieve our required properties of strength and toughness, with added resistance to stress and corrosion.

Advanced Heat Treatment

Heat treatment gets thrown around a lot, but most of the time the word consistency doesn’t come along with it. Depending on the batch an individual bar might be subjected to vastly different temperatures during the process. HTX ditches the disparity and provides uniform, quality heat treatment on every single bar.

Refined Geometry

By increasing the tapered sections and using a larger radius we have inherently built more strength into the shape of the OSX.

Variable Butting

Varying the wall thickness of the bar allows us to add strength where it’s needed, and keep the weight down in less strategic areas. The OSX has 7 different butting locations.