Argotal Tire - 27.5 x 2.40, Tubeless, Folding, Black, Soft, Enduro Casing, E25


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Grip to push your limits

Why choose this tire

  • Ideal tire for loose terrain, with cornering stability and increased side-grip.
  • The open tread pattern allows for self-cleaning so you can push your riding limits through dust and loam.
  • Handmade for You.


Art. No. 0150684
ETRTO 60-584
Inch 27.5"
Alternative Dimension -
Color/Sidewall/Bead BLACK-BLACK
EAN 4019238068016
Max Load (kg) -
Weight (g) 1095


Specialist for loose Terrains

Supported in-line shoulder studs with supportive structure for high stability even when cornering aggressively.
Benefit: high mechanical grip especially in loose soils

Open tread pattern design for perfect interaction on loose surfaces
Benefit: good self-cleaning in moist and wet conditions

The pronounced studs are equipped with steep ramps in order to generate mechanical grip through a pattern-soil interaction.
Benefit: expectational grip in on loose and mixed surface.

Enduro Casing

Enduro Casing
Durable single ply carcass construction with reinforcement. Balance between weight and robustness

Reference application
Enduro and descent-oriented Trail Bikes

Reference Bike
Fullys | 150-170mm Suspension Travel Conventional and e-Bikes


Soft Compound

Soft Compound
The balance between rolling and grip


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