Crux Weekend Cook System - Black Edition


SKU: 285141

Take just the stove, just the cook set, or everything. 

No need to even think about what stove and pot will work for your lightweight outdoor adventures: Optimus did the thinking for you with this versatile Crux Weekend Cook System that will keep a well-fed smile on your face. Weighing in at an ultralight 372 g total, the package includes Optimus' feather light Crux cooking wonder, plus the entire super light Weekend Cook Set with two pieces of cookware: A pot with pour spout and a tough-as-nails fry pan (that doubles as a pot lid). All now with a non-stick coating. A simple mesh carry bag packs it right and tight, magically finding space inside for the Optimus foldable spork and a 230 g gas cartridge (yes, indeed, sold separately). Take just the stove, just the cook set, or everything.


Stove type : gas
Fuel type : gas
Pot size : < 1L
Average burn time : 90 min
Fuel consumption : 155 g/h
Average boil time for 1 L of water : 3 min
Power : 3000 W / 10200 BTU/h / 7.0 MJ/h
Height : 149 mm / 5.9 in
Diameter : 124 mm / 4.9 in
Weight : 372 g / 13 oz
Volume : 0.95 L / 32 fl. oz
Material of cook ware : aluminum hard anodized