PRO Discover Handlebar Bag - 8L (PRBA0052)


SKU: 240504

The PRO Discover Handlebar Bag is a waterproof bikepacking handlebar bag.

Designed to provide you with a better sports bicycle experience the PRO Discover Handlebar Bag is an 8-liter capacity handlebar bag for bikepacking. It features waterproof construction and a wrap design, with openings on either side for easy access to stored goods. Designed not to swing, even on the roughest terrains, it also boasts bungee cord storage atop the bag and reflective trim to ensure you are more visible to motorists.

  • Handlebar bag for bikepacking
  • 8l capacity
  • Waterproof construction
  • Wrap design
  • Opens at both ends for easy access
  • Bungee cord storage for additional items
  • Anti-swing construction
  • Reflective trim to improve visibility