E-Bike Chain Lube Refill 500ml


SKU: 246339

E-BIKE Chain Lube is specially designed to withstand the high torque demand that your electric motor has on your drivetrain parts such as your chain and derailleur. Demonstrating ultra anti-friction and Nano technology, E-BIKE lubricant will prevent premature wear and keep transmission parts in good working order. On top of that, E-BIKE Chain Lube is Bio-Sourced and Biodegradable as well as Polarized and Water Repellant. It absolutely ca be use in any given weather conditions.

High Torque: E-BIKE Chain Lube can resist to high Torque demand thus preventing premature wear.

Nano Technology: The lubricant has a great capacity to infiltrate inside the links of the chain thus offering ultimate lubrication and increased protection

Polarized: It allows the lubricant to cling to the chain so that it does not escape under the centrifugal force.

Ultra Low Friction: Reduction in friction will improve performance considerably as well as reduce wear.

Water Repellent: E-BIKE Chain Lube offers a very good capability to repel water so it can be used in any weather conditions (DRY or WET)