Energy Gel - 31oz Bottle w/ Flask


SKU: 287758

Endurance Tap's flagship 3-ingredient, all-natural, easy to digest energy gel has everything you need to fuel your next big training session or race. They meet your nutrition needs with no unpronounceable ingredients, no stomach trouble, and because the gels have a thinner consistency, you can consume a full pouch in seconds with no water. Not to mention, they taste great - think of them as the fuel you’ll look forward to!

Key Benefits

  • 100 calories per serving, derived from natural, high-quality ingredients... (Canadian maple syrup, Canadian sea salt and ginger).

  • Easiest gel to digest given our proprietary formula that contains just the right amount of ginger to help aid digestion and prevent stomach upset

  • A thinner consistency than normal gels, you can consume a full pouch in seconds with no water so you can focus on moving forward.

  • 50 mg of sodium + all the minerals and antioxidants you need to perform at your best

  • A more even energy release so you can avoid the blood sugar spikes experienced with maltodextrin-based gels 

  • Comes with Soft Flask!