Wind Screen - Large


SKU: 276637

Wind makes cooking with fire in the outdoors challenging. With the Firebox Windscreens you’ll be able to take back control of your flame.

Airflow for the fire is allowed through at the bottom where you need it while blocking the wind elsewhere in the heat zone.

The Large Windscreen works great with the original 5” G2 Firebox and a 10” Frypan / Large Ultra Cook Kit.


  • 11 panels and with the Firebox logo cutouts it allows for great airflow while blocking wind in the heat zone.
  • Works with the 5” G2 Firebox, 3” G2 Nano, Scout Stove and Freestyle Stove. 
  • Taller than all our Firebox Stoves. 
  • Works great for boiling. 
  • Large Windscreen works perfectly with a 10” Frying Pan on the 5” G2 Firebox.

What's Included?

  • Firebox Windscreen (large)
  • Nylon Carrying Case.

The Large Firebox Windscreen is specifically designed to be tall enough to work with the 5” G2 Firebox which is our tallest stove and big enough in diameter to go all the way around the 10” Frypan / Large Ultra Cook Kit. This Windscreen works well with the Firebox Scout and Firebox Freestyle as well, all the way up to the Octagon shape. The Large Windscreen will work with any cookware smaller than 10” in diameter.


Height: Large 9”
Total Span: Large 36.5”
Weight: Large 9.9 oz.



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