BCX Grand Tour Waterproof Ski Boot

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Explore further with the comfort, durability and skiability of the BCX Grand Tour. Featuring a high cut leather upper, improved lacing, and a BC system sole, this boot handles the up and downhills with ease. All day comfort is a must for longer excursions and the combination of a waterproof-breathable liner and Comfort Guard insulation will keep feet warm and dry.

Dry, warm & breathable

The Triple-F Membrane keeps water and snow from entering boots, while allowing excess heat and moisture vapor to escape. The climate inside the boot stays warm and dry, no matter what the outside climate is.


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  • SOLE

    Rottefella® BC



  • WEIGHT (G)

    739 g


Comfort Guard
Very lightweight, water-repelling insulation material for additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area.

Fischer Fresh
Fischer Fresh puts an end to unpleasant odours, giving you lasting freshness inside the cross country skiing boot with a pleasant smell and feeling inside.

Gaiter Ring
Fastening for all popular gaiter models for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions.

Internal Molded Heel Cap
Internal anatomically shaped heel cap. Very light and individually thermoformable.

Leather Upper
Natural upper material made of real leather which has been treated a number of times. Follow enclosed care instructions.

Rottefella® BC Sole
Optimum support in difficult terrain. Reliable walking thanks to non-slip profile.

Sport Fit Concept
The right fit for all requirements. Whether it's shaped for the female foot with the comfort or race version, customised for the feet of young skiers, meeting the comfort requirements of all-rounders or for direct power transfer in racing: the Boot Fit Concept with special lasts is the answer to all the different needs and morphologies of the various consumer groups.

Triple F Membrane
Special membrane ensures that conditions inside the boot are perfect: dry, warm and breathable.

Water resistant design
Highly water resistant boot design with a breathable membrane connected to the lining. Triple-F membrane prevents the boot from moisture when dealing with wet conditions, and speeds up drying time between ski sessions.

Wool-like Lining
Warming lining material with wool for feet that are sensitive to the cold. Ensures feet also stay warm without feeling moist on longer outings.