Energy Stroopwafel - Salty's Caramel


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The Anytime Energy Snack

Energy Stroopwafels are delicious syrup-filled wafers perfect for a pre-workout or during-activity snack.

It's Always Time For A Stroopwafel

A tasty fuel for before, during, or after
The GU Energy Stroopwafel is a Dutch-style treat that acts like an Energy Gel but tastes like breakfast. Eat one before a race or workout, bring one along for a tasty energy source to power your performance, or snack on one post-workout for a quick re-fuel.

Key nutrients you need to power your workout
A mix of fast-acting and sustained energy sources from simple and complex carbohydrates, sodium to replace what you lose through sweat, and BCAAs, which may help reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.†

Stroops love coffee!
Warm your Energy Stroopwafel over a hot cup of coffee for a soft, syrupy treat. Or dip your Stroop to soak up that coffee goodness.

Flavor Science

Indulgent, sweet, and buttery with a dash of salt to tie it all together, Salty’s Caramel is truly melt-in-your mouth good. Warm it up over a cup of coffee to soften up the middle filling for an even more caramel-y delicious bite.