Heat Exchanger


SKU: 10201
The Heat Exchanger increases the efficiency of your stoves up to 25%. The unique waffled design channels the heat from the stove up the sides of the pot to increase the heated surface area. When used with liquid fuel stoves, or remote-burner canister stoves like the MSR WindPro™ II, it can also act as a wind block because it extends below the pot.
  • Compatible With: Pots 6.6 in. – 7.3 in. (16.8 cm – 18.5 cm) in diameter, including the MSR Alpinist 2 cook set, Quick 2 cook set, Ceramic 2.5 L pot, Ceramic 2-Pot set, Alpine 2 pot set and Alpine StowAway 1.6 L pot.
  • Weight: 6 oz./170 g
    • To Use: Position the Heat Exchanger around the pot and extend a half inch (1.3 cm) below the bottom of the pan. Adjust the thumbwheel until the Heat Exchanger fits snugly.

Do not over-tighten and do not expose the Heat Exchanger to direct contact with flame. The Heat Exchanger is designed to be used in conjunction with the Windscreen and Heat Reflector when used with an MSR liquid fuel or remote-burner canister stove.

8 in
6 oz
0.17 kg
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Made in Seattle, USA