Hiking the Spanish, Portuguese, and French Caminos


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This book is about the soulful experiences that the autor was able to experience as he walked along the three different countries' Caminos. First of all, it's about the relationships that were developed along the trail and many of the personal heart warming experiences that people shared with me as we were strolling along together. Some were sad but many were humorous and all were enjoyable. Secondly, the autor has included some of the legends and stories that have grown up around different villages over the many years of pilgrimage. Finally, he has written down some of my own musings that came to mind in solitary meditation after an encounter with some interesting fellow pilgrim or it may have been when he was just communicating with the splendors of Mother Nature. As an extra, he has included our little adventures that his wife Lyla and him may have taken before we started hiking or at the end of each hiking journey.