Mutha Hubba NX™ Fast & Light Body - Past Season

$98.00 $199.95

SKU: 231632

A lighter weight alternative to the tent body for Hubba series tents, perfect for minimalist backpackers.

Custom-fit for MSR Hubba series tents, this Fast & Light Body provides a lighter weight alternative to the tent body for minimalist backpackers. Designed to be used in place of the tent body, this Fast & Light Body features a bathtub-style floor that guards against side wind and rain splatter, offering more weather protection than a simple footprint-and-rainfly setup. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the weight of your current shelter but want to maintain an element of weather protection, the Fast & Light Body is your ticket. Available for Hubba NX, Hubba Hubba NX, Mutha Hubba NX, Papa Hubba NX.

Poles and fly not included. This Fast & Light Body is designed to be used with your current Hubba setup.