Jr Juke Snow Goggle


SKU: 266107

When a 6-12 year old junior has fun in the park, be sure he is protected with JUKE. It delivers proven fit and comfort for kids, and a quality mirror lens that works in all conditions while providing 100% UV protection.

  • Lens: RUBY
  • Filtration color: Pink
  • Weather Condition: Universal - Cat. 2
  • Cat.: S2
  • VLT: 38%

Optic protection & Visual acuity

Filters 100% of harmful UV rays. Increases eye comfort from glare and reduces eye fatigue

Instant fit

Carefully selected foams make the goggle so comfortable from the initial try-on, you’ll want to wear them out of the store!

Perfect matching

Made to fit comfortably with Salomon helmets, and match most Salomon helmet colors.


Filters out 100% of UV rays, preventing all eye damage caused by sun

FIELD OF VISION: Wide vision

Optimal viewing experience thanks to low-profile frame construction

FIT: Youth fit - Medium

Designed to perfectly fit young guns face sizes

FIT: Double layer face foam

Soft and comfy PU foam with velvet layering for great skin contact

FIT: Over The Glass compatible

Specially studied to accommodate prescription eyewear worn underneath the goggle

FOG MANAGEMENT: Airflow system

Offers maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture out

STRAP ADJUSTMENT: Silicone backed strap

Smooth & secure grip on the helmet

STRAP ADJUSTMENT: Dual-slide buckle adjustment

Quick length strap adjustment

HELMET INTEGRATION: Helmet compatible

Perfect fit integration and airflow circulation with helmets


Ideal for storage