Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Large for Base Camp or Scout Models


SKU: 84040

Stainless Steel Cook Set for 'Base Camp' or 'Scout' Kettle

Transform your 'Base Camp' or 'Scout' Kettle into a portable outdoor cooker with the Stainless Steel Cook Set. Utilize natural fuels for a cost-free, carbon-neutral cooking experience wherever adventure takes you.

  • Two Cooking Modes:
  • 1. Post-Boil Cooking: After water boils, remove the kettle, place the grill pieces on the fire base, and cook directly on the grill, adding fuel as needed through the air hole.
  • 2. Chimney Cooking: Cook over the kettle's chimney for quick heating, stirring regularly due to intense heat.
  • Compact Storage: The cook set nests inside the kettle's base for space-saving transport.
  • Set Includes: Stainless Steel Pot, Frying Pan (doubles as pot lid), 2-Piece Grill, and Gripper Handle.

The intense heat for chimney cooking requires regular stirring of food.


Weight 0.32kg / 0.83lb
Capacity 0.85 L
Height 75mm
Diameter 133mm
Manufacturer Kelly Kettle