Ultimate Stainless Steel 'Scout' Kit


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Ultimate 'Scout' Camping Kit

The Ultimate 'Scout' Kit is your go-to solution for camping, picnics, or any outdoor adventure for small groups or families.

This all-in-one camping kit is perfect for various outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, and family picnics. With no need to carry fuel, save on pack weight and enjoy an eco-friendly outdoor cooking experience. The green whistle alerts you once the water boils. Simply refill and place the kettle back on the fire-base to serve larger groups. A must-have addition to your wilderness or survival gear.

  • 'Scout' Kettle: Features a 1.2-liter stainless steel kettle, fire base, and green whistle.
  • Hobo Stove: Converts your kettle's fire-base into a standalone wood-fueled stove, storing conveniently within the kettle's fire base.
  • Cook Set: Comprises a 0.85-liter pot with a pan/lid, grill set, and gripper handle, allowing for a variety of cooking options.
  • 2 x Cups (500ml & 350ml): Compact single-walled stainless steel cups with folding handles.
  • 2 x Plates: Durable, stackable, dishwasher-safe plates that also function as pans.
  • Base/Pot Support: Enables cooking over your kettle's chimney or provides a stable base on uneven ground.
  • Storage Bag for easy transport and storage.
  • View images for item usage demonstrations.

Kit Weight: 2.1kg / 4.6lb (excluding packaging). All items are stainless steel and pack neatly within the kettle or the carry bag.

Note: Carry the kettle upright when filled with water to prevent spillage. Remove any old Orange Rubber or Cork Stoppers before use.


Weight 2.12kg / 4.66lb
Capacity Kettle: 1.2ltr
Dimensions (packed) Height: 27cm | Kettle Width: 15.5cm | Fire Base Diameter: 18.5cm
Manufacturer Kelly Kettle