Skeletool® RX


SKU: 285209

An essential tool for EMTs or first responders with a 154CM serrated blade and a carbide glass break bit.

Be ready to respond quickly and safely in emergency situations with the Skeletool RX. Specialized tools, such as a 154CM deeply serrated blade for more cutting surface on clothing or fibrous materials and carbide glass break bit, makes the Skeletool RX an essential piece of kit for any EMT or first responder.

Tools Included

Number Tool
01 Needlenose Pliers
02 Regular Pliers
03 Hard-wire Cutters
04 Wire Cutters
05 154CM Serrated Knife Blade
06 Carabiner/Bottle Opener
07 Large Bit Driver


  • 01
    Handle Bit Storage
    Conveniently store Leatherman tool bits in your multi-tool’s handle for easy access during a job, or for safekeeping.

  • 02
    Locking Blade
    Lock your knife blade into place and unlock to fold it away for a safer way to work.

  • 03
    Replaceable Pocket Clip
    Use this clip to attach your multi-tool to a pocket or belt loop. Remove the clip if you prefer.

  • 04
    Outside-accessible Features
    This multi-tool features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position.

  • 05
    One-hand Operable Features
    Keep one hand free. Open and use features on this tool with one hand.

  • 06
    Aluminum Handle Insert
    The aluminum handle insert helps maintain handle strength and rigidity and keeps the overall weight to a minimum.


Property Value
Weight 5 oz. | 142 g.
Closed Length 4 in. | 10 cm.
Open Length 6.0 in. | 15.24 cm.
Blade Length 2.6 in. | 6.60 cm.
Width 1.24 in. | 3.15 cm.
Overall Thickness .52 in. | 1.32 cm.
Materials 154CM Stainless Steel, Carbide, Cerakote®
Included Bits Phillips #1-2 & 3/16" Screwdriver, Carbide Glass Breaker & 1/4" Screwdriver

832312 Standard Nylon Sheath
832310 No Sheath