Mat Repair Kit


SKU: 115059

The Mat Repair Kit is a super quick peel-and-stick repair kit. Repairing sleeping mats has never been simpler. The 3M patches have been specially formulated to provide a secure fail-safe bond to the mat surface fabric of the following sleeping mats:

  •  All Air-Sprung Cell Mats (Ultralight, Comfort Light, Comfort Plus, Etherlight)
  • Ultralight Self Inflating mat
  • Camp Mat Self Inflating mat
  • Comfort Light Self Inflating mat

(the patches will not form an airproof bond on the knitted upper surface of the Comfort Plus Self Inflating Mat and the Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Mat)



3M VHB adhesive sticks to just about everything, making these patches great for tons of other uses besides your mat repair.