Merino Ultra Light T-Shirt (Men's)


SKU: 283636

T-Shirt made of 146 gsm merino wool. Can be worn both summer and winter.
Perfect for hiking, biking or just enjoying life. This best seller is ideal for traveling light


Composition : 100% Merino wool
17.6 Microns. First layer in lightweight 146 gsm wool
100% Biodegradable

Wear it for 30 days without washing it
Wicks away moisture
Tempers the body
Soft to the touch
Machine washable
Does not retain odors
Quick Dry
Made in Canada


The natural properties of merino wool repel dust and make garments impervious to dirt. There is therefore no need for them to be cleaned too frequently, which not only saves money, but also helps the environment.

You can machine wash Bonnetier garments in water not exceeding 40°C.

Use the gentle cycle and place the sweater in a mesh bag. Never use the spin cycle.

They can be ironed easily, especially with a steam iron.

Dry flat on a towel, reshaping the garment.

Wash and iron inside out.

Do not wash with articles which could damage the garment.

H23-TS01-B Black Gravel
H23-TS01-H Black Canoe
H23-TS03-N Heather Gray Up Hill
H23-TS12-I Heather Gray Arbre Ligne
H23-TS12-O Heather Gray Grimpe -----
H23-TS42-A Sage Montagne & Sapins
H23-TS42-Q Sage Prise
H23-TS43-J Kaki Green Réflexion
H23-TS57-G Heather Black Mountain Graph
H23-TS59-PP Old Navy Lac & SUP