Model NNN


SKU: 276087

The Adjustable Shoe Harness for Cross-Country Skiing

The  patented NORDIC-STEP™  allows multiple users to access a single set of cross-country skis regardless of shoe size or shoe/boot preference.  The product combines modern snowshoe binding technology with a cross-country ski boot sole to allow any size or shape of winter footwear to be used as the "ski boot."


- Winter vacation homes and rentals -

- Sharing with friends and family - 

- Growing children and skiers with large shoe size - 

- Cross-country ski rental companies -

- Casual classic cross country skiing -

- Back country skiing for snow trekkers and hunters -

The Nordic-Step Model NNN is designed for casual cross-country skiing on flat terrain and/or groomed runs.  

 Model NNN is compatible with Rottafella, Salomon ProLink, and Fischer Turnamic bindings.

 One size fits most adult shoe sizes:

- Women's size US5 and larger

- Men's size US16 and smaller

- Only available in black