Pro Chain Lubricant 120mL


SKU: 246334

Crème de la Crème! The PRO Chain Lube is a Bio-Sourced and Biodegradable lubricant that offers so much perks! That is the Ultimate Lube to use for your every day ride. Sunny or rainy, you only need one lube.

Nano Technology: The lubricant has a great capacity to infiltrate inside the links of the chain thus offering ultimate lubrication and increased protection

Polarized: It allows the lubricant to cling to the chain so that it does not escape under the centrifugal force.

Ultra Low Friction: Reduction in friction will improve performance considerably as well as reduce wear.

Long Lasting: The PRO Chain Lube can last up to 5x more than standard chain lube.

Water Repellent: Even though the PRO Lube is not considered as a WET lubricant, it offers a very good capability to repel water.