PS7 Violet Wax (-2°C to -8°C) - 60G


SKU: 233537

Glide wax for ski trips, training and base prep. PS7 is recommended from -2°C to +8 degrees.

PS7 is a wax that works well in normal winter conditions, below freezing. The hardness makes it easier to work with and it is easier to get a good end result.
PS7 is a very good ski trip and training wax as well as a good all-round base prep wax.

The speed of the waxing iron should be approx. 8-10 seconds for a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min.) for better durability.
It is important to have a good waxing iron in order to melt the wax efficiently.
Recommended waxing iron temperature 140°C.

Replaces CH7X.