Quick Mount for Right or Left Side Attachment


SKU: 240852


  • Quick Mount Plate
  • 5 mm Recessed Nut + Washer
  • 6 mm Bolt + Washer
  • 5 mm Bolt
  • Instructions

For mounting Dog Bike Leash on the right side of bikes without hitting the chain.  Provides extra ease of sharing the Bike Tow Leash between bikes, and rapid adjusting for different dog heights. Use requires a minimum of 5/8 inch (16 mm) flat or open area surrounding the rear axle. For solid axles 3/8 or 9 mm diameter, with hex nuts on both sides, you need 1/4 inch (6 mm) available axle length.

Installed you will have 5 full turns of thread engagement on the nut. For bikes with a quick-release lever and 5 mm dia. skewers as shown, extra axle length is not necessary. Comes with a 5 mm recessed axle nut, 5 & 6 mm bolts to engage slot, and a threaded hole in the frame for extra security.