RideDash Evo Display


SKU: 258174

Giant RideDash EVO is a color display designed for Giant and Liv e-bikes equipped with Smart Gateway technology (certain models from model year 2021).

  • requires the RideControl Ergo or RideControl Ergo 2 control unit to control the e-bike
  • clear color display
  • display of wheel status information: engine assistance level, battery capacity and remaining range
  • display of driving data: speed (current / maximum / average), distance, driving time, total kilometers,cadence
  • navigation functions (via Giant RideControl for Android and iOS phones)
  • notifications for messages, calls and e-mails from your smartphone (via the RideControl application)
  • Possibility to customize the display via the RideControl mobile application
  • the cables are routed internally over the handlebars for a clean look
  • degree of protection against dust and water: IP67
  • dimensions approx. 54 x 77 x 11 mm
  • weight 39 g