QST Access 80 (Men's)


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QST Access 80 has a ratchet buckle for intuitive adjustment, making this easy walking boot convenient and comfortable for all-day skiing.

Best For: All-mountain, Beginner

Skier Level: Beginner
For skiers still working on the basics and improving their technique on easy, less steep slopes.

Stiffness: Soft
A flex rating between 50 and 80 for women, and 60 and 90 for men, ideal for beginner-level skiers and those whose morphology requires a more supple support.

Boot Width: Wide
A last width > equal to 102 mm (MP 26./26.5) offers a more generous boot volume and is ideal for skiers with wider feet and broader calves. To identify one's preferred last, the foot's width between the first and the fifth metatarsal bone is measured to gather an overview of the skier's natural foot shape and volume.

Weight: 1655g
Pair: 3310g

Why You'll Love It

3 dedicated features : Slide-in liner for easy step-in, ratchet buckle for fast adjusting and Hike and ride system to improve walking

At a scant 1.6kg, QST Access is one of the lightest boots in it's class.

Features & Fabrics

  • Polyolefin: A more durable material, which also provides lightness and stability.
  • Easy step-in overlap: This softer, petal construction makes it easier to open the boot than the classic overlap.
  • Hike & Ride: System combining a backbone release with a V-cut shape. It allows for effortless walkability in hike mode, strong back support & progressive forward flex when skiing down.
  • Polyolefin: More durable material, also providing lightness and stability.
  • My CustomFit comfort: This liner offers great comfort, good insulation and easy step-in.
  • 360° 35mm: A 35mm strap to hold the foot securely and optimize power transmission.
  • Gripwalk premounted ISO 23223: GripWalk pads are premounted and their specific shape offers improved walking comfort and more grip no matter the conditions.
  • Riveted oversized pivot: The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.
  • 2 riveted alumix + 1 ratchet: The ratchet buckle is located on the cuff to offer easier tooth catch up and a wider adjustment range.



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