Frontier Ultralight Spork - Long Handle


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Ultralight long spork is perfect for stirring meals or eating the last morsels from a freeze-dried food pouch.

The Long Spork is our perennial best-selling utensil. It has a handle with a unique profile for strength that permits individual utensils to stack together. Food contact surfaces have a semi-polished finish for more enjoyable dining. Made of hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the Long Spork is built to go the distance.


  • Light-but-strong long-handled spork made of hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Handle has a unique profile that adds strength and allows the utensils to stack
  • Semi-polished food-contact surface for more enjoyable dining
  • Stackable with other Frontier Cutlery pieces for space-saving storage
  • Durable and easy-to-clean (anodized items should not be washed in a dishwasher)
  • Sea to Summit Guarantee is offered for the Lifetime of this product

Technical Features

Utensil Nesting
Our Passage utensils clip together or can be stacked while our Frontier and Detour collections can be stacked to save space and keep cutlery sets together. 

Hard Anodised Aluminum
Lightweight, durable, hard-andodised alloy is used in Frontier and Detour cookware and Frontier Cutlery. Its superior heat transfer properties are particularly useful in cookware applications. 

Tech Specs

Best Use: Backpacking
Materials: Aluminium

Frontier Ultralight Spork - Long Handle
Length 17.8 cm
Weight 11 g


Is Frontier Cutlery dishwasher safe?

No - the utensils are anodized aluminum; the caustic cleanser used in dishwashers will damage the anodization.

Is Frontier Cutlery as light as titanium cutlery?

Frontier cutlery is often lighter than titanium cutlery (although titanium cutlery will be stronger).

Does Frontier Cutlery nest together?

The profile of the Frontier cutlery handles provides strength, and allows the utensils to 'stack' on top of each other. Frontier cutlery sets are supplied with a mini carabiner. 

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